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Tender Return and Tender Search
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After a full working day and all the parts in-between, sometimes the thought of sitting in front of a computer doing a tender search can be daunting. Even if the task itself seems simple, there are many factors that extend this task from simply flicking through a few websites. At Louise Villalon Consultants we can take that pressure off, making your working life easier.

Through experience we have effective ways of completing a successful tender search. Once the task of finding a result that ticks the right boxes to suit your company is complete, Louise Villalon Consultants can further alleviate your workload by filling in the tender return forms and any other tender documents required.

For those that are unfamiliar/ unaware of what a tender return is, these are when an organisation (either public or private) invite trades to express interest in works that need accomplishing. If you are to be successful when applying for these positions you have to include detailed responses as well as evidence to strengthen what you’ve said about your company.

Alongside a tender return, you may also have to provide tender documents such as a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ).This is to appraise details such as your company’s economic and financial status, capability as well as compliance with health and safety and equal opportunities. Photocopies may also need to be included within the tender return which can further take up time that our clients just don’t have.

Moreover our tender search can vary to suit your needs:

  • From local to national areas.
  • A higher or smaller budget.
  • One off jobs to continuous services.
  • Jobs to suit companies of all sizes.
  • And more…

An example of how Louise Villalon Consultants helped a client is when A1 Recovery was required to fill in all the tender documents for a job they wanted to go for. As A1 recovery didn’t have much time they asked Louise Villalon Consultants to complete it for them. They had already done the tender search and in order for us to complete this A1 Recovery, trusted us with their private documents; this allowed us to complete the documents without much interruption of their working day.

We were able to complete all the necessary tender documents within a matter of days, carefully going through them with a fine toothed comb to ensure no mistakes were made to represent A1 Recovery. Furthermore once the tender was completed we bound the tender return for a professional finish; to stand out among the competition.

For this particular client we then proceeded to return all of their private documents as well as hand deliver, on time their new documents of which they were very pleased with.

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