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The Removal and Clearing Experience

At some point in your working life you may have to be given the role of moving your desk from one place to the other. You may not enjoy this experience but think of the person in your office who has been given the responsibility for the office removal. Not only would that person have to be responsible for getting everyone packed and into their new position, but they would have to work out what furniture is staying and what furniture would be left or to be thrown away.

Companies are not allowed to throw their old office furniture away without having the correct waste management certificates. If a company does not specialise in this then the likelihood of possessing one would be rare.

Louise Villalon Consultants work alongside a company called LAM who have all waste management certificates and are excellent at providing the removal service.

This is where Louise Villalon Consultants helped a company called Hurley Palmer Flatt based in the centre of London. The facilities manager was in charge of office removal and working out what furniture was good to resell or what furniture needed to be recycled. The facilities manager heard that they needed waste management certificates, which they didn’t possess and contacted Louise Villalon Consultants for a quote.

Louise Villalon Consultants then completed a survey on the existing site where their office was based to see what items were being placed into their new offices and what items were going to be recycled.

Their particular office was based right next to the Thames so parking was a going to be a problem especially including skips for the recycled furniture.

Hurley Palmer Flatt also wanted their items all packed and tagged in boxes to keep their clients details secure and they wanted all their IT equipment to be decommissioned and packed.

As the client wanted an office removal service, it was our job to see what the new office surrounds were like as well as how good the lift worked and where to position the removal lorries.

Five days before the moving, the crates were sent to Hurley Palmer Flatt so that everyone could start packing, normally two boxes to each person is dispatched. Once the crates were filled a tag would then be put on the crate.

On the day of removals our removal people came and took the exact furniture that was to be moved in their new offices. They then left all of the furniture that was to be recycled, disassembled the recycled furniture and then placed them to the necessary skips.

Once the recycled furniture had been disassembled, the skip removal was ready to take the goods back to the recycling units. Once our office removal people had completed all of their work at the old office, they then put all of the furniture and crates into the new office into the places where originally agreed with the client and then placed the IT to their relevant places.

With all the furniture that was good to resell that Hurley Palmer Flatt had, we then bought the items from them and took this off of the removal service.

So in all they got a very good deal and a hassle free service.

This is what our client says: “Thank you for the excellent service you gave us and I hope all goes well for you in the future” Liz Farley, Office Manager at Hurley Palmer Flatt.

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