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At Louise Villalon Consultants, we are specialists in advancing contractors towards future jobs within the building industry.

We can help your organisation, whatever its size, through all stages of getting through to the Tender Stage on future Jobs. We represent your company towards the client and put it forward for the client's future jobs. Through experience we are able to search for tenders for contracts of all sizes and in every market sector from Construction Contracts and Tenders or IT Contracts.


If you are looking for contractors to carry out future works or maintenance within the industry, we will guide and assist with linking you with the contractors that can carry out the work.

We can guide you through the design process and will assist the client from Tender stage through to signing off the job when complete. This will include design, site clearance, build and installation and future maintenance.

New to the game?*

A tender is a request to interested parties to send in their quotation for supplying goods or services. For a chance to do the works on the job advertised a party must be able to show willingness to comply with all or most of the technical requirements and with the lowest price quoted to be awarded the contract; the specifications of the goods and services are available in Tender Documents, which the bidder can obtain from the tenderer.

Operating from our base in Waterlooville, Hampshire, we offer our services out to companies across the South Coast and throughout London.

The Removal and Clearing Experience

For an example of office removals, relocation and waste recyling please see here, which offers a run through and the testimonial from Liz Farley, Office Manager at Hurley Palmer Flatt.


Tendering for jobs can be very time consuming and requires a detailed understanding of the procurement system. Local Authorities and Councils will not award jobs to clients and contractors without them having successfully completed the Tendering process.

See more about our services here and view tendering costs here.

Louise Villalon Consultants

Louise Villalon Consultants